Timeline of Levi Savage, Jr.

  • House burned to ground 2 weeks before he was born
  • Born in Ohio in 1820 to Levi Savage and Polly (Haynes) Savage
  • Family moved to Lyme, Ohio 1822/3. Some of younger children born there. John died there & maybe 2 or 3 others. Sister Polly died there too.
  • Moved to Michigan with family around 1837. Father sold place to Mr Bane and bought 80 acres of heavily timbered land in Michigan. Farmed a portion of it.
  • Father baptized into Mormon church 1843 (Hilton says his mother was not baptized)
  • Family left homestead in Van Buren County  8 May 1846 and arrived Council Bluffs in July
  • Baptized into Mormon church 12 June 1846
  • Joined Mormon Battalion in July 1846
  •  Bought a mule near Tucson that was commandeered by an officer, 1846/7
  • Mother died in/near Winter Quarters in winter of 1846/1847
  • Arrived in Utah and finds family after enlistment is ended, arrives 16 Oct 1847
  • Married Jane Mathers, January 1848
  • Son, Levi Mathers, born, January 1851
  • Jane died December, 1851
  • Accepted mission call to Asian in 1852 and leaves through San Francisco
  • Left San Francisco on the ship Monsoon to Calcultta, India, January 1853
  • Returned from mission via Boston–arrives in Boston 28 Feb 1856 on ship Herbert
  • Traveled with Martin and Willie handcart company to Utah, 1856
  • Arrived in Utah 10 Nov, 1856
  • Settled in Lehi, Utah Territory, 1858
  • Soldier in Utah War; helped build fortifications and stand guard in Echo Canyon, 1858
  • Settled in Millard County, Utah Territory,  1859
  • Married Ann Brummell Cooper 1863
  • Settled in Toquerville, Utah Territory, 1866 and remained there until death
  • Married Adelaide Cooper, 1868
  • Married Mary Ann Cooper, 1868
  • Son Levi Mathers brought suit against US government for loss of his father’s mule in Mormon Battalion march and awarded $25, ~1876
  • Convicted of polygamy and serves 6 month jail sentence 1887
  • Died in 1910

All information on this site copyrighted by Lori Lyn Price


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