Seeing what I have: Kindle version of Levi Savage Jr Journal

Lynn Hilton recently published an edited Kindle version of Levi’s journal, with several chapters of commentary. From these chapters we can add a few more items to our timeline. These additions need to be checked as no documentation is provided:

1820: home burned to the ground 2 weeks before he was born
1822/3: moved to Lyme, Ohio. Some of younger children born there. John died there & maybe 2 or 3 others. Polly died there too.
~1835: Father sold place to Mr Bane and bought 80 acres of heavily timbered land in Michigan. Farmed a portion of it.
1843: Father baptized into Mormon church (Hilton says his mother was not baptized)
1846: Left homestead in Van Buren County  8 May 1846 and arrived Council Bluffs in July
1846: Baptized into Mormon church, June 12
1846/7: Near Tucson bought a mule that was commandeered by an officer.
1847: Arrives in Salt Lake 16 Oct
1853: Leaves San Francisco on the ship Monsoon to Calcultta, India, January
1853: Continues on to Rangoon, June
1855-6: Sails on ship Herbert to Boston
1856: Arrives Boston 28 Feb
1856: Arrives in Salt Lake City, Nov 10
1858: Soldier in Utah War; helped build fortifications and stand guard in Echo Canyon
~1876: Son Levi Mathers brought suit against US government for loss of his father’s mule in Mormon Battalion march and wins $25.

Excerpts from biography (I have not found the full text of the biography yet). Key excerpts:

  • He is the second of 15 children
  • Lived on “The Clearing” homestead with this family in southern Michigan. This is where he and his family first heard about the Mormon church
  • After marriage to Jane, they lived at what is now 13th East and 21st South in Salt Lake City
  • Helped build the Salt Lake “Old Fort”
  • Fought in “cricket war”
  • Settler in Lehi, Scipio, Kanab & Toquerville

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5 Responses to Seeing what I have: Kindle version of Levi Savage Jr Journal

  1. Having a kindle version available is pretty nice. Save’s the time of an interlibrary loan.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  2. Karrin Peterson (grand-daughter of Lydia Jane Savage Peterson) says:

    Cousin, I have the full copy of the journals of both Levi Savage, Jr. and Levi Mather’s Savage in my possession.I intend to get them scanned and made accessible. Reply to this posting and I will be notified that you want to contact me.

    Thank you for your work here. I very much enjoyed reading about it.

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